Wednesday, June 22, 2016

President Trump verses our Allies and Media

Our allies will be holding their breath, taking a wait and see approach, once Trump takes office. Our Muslim allies know they can expect nothing from him except hatred. President Trump will try to get Congress to agree to back out of NATO and other alliances that don't bow down to him when he withdraws our forces leaving them to shoulder the burden of protecting the free world. Putin will smile with glee seeing the USA withdraw into itself. China will see America taking the adversary role against China ending all trade agreements forcing American companies to bring back to the USA work they had shipped overseas. That might not be a bad thing but will further damage American relationship with other countries. 

The Washington Post found out the hard way why not to report the truth as it is but the lies Trump expects everyone to believe. News media will learn the hard way that reporting the truth is not what President Trump wants and if you cross him, you will find yourself shut out of being an acceptable new service at the White House. He will try to control what is printed, reported and what goes on the wire services. He might even try to get the licenses of anyone telling the truth about his actions, revoked while he strangles the freedom of speech. President Obama has tried to keep the flow of information to the news services down to a minimum, she should take lessons from Trump because he will take it to a new level unheard in America since the political bosses ran the conventions from back rooms making deals that decided American Politics. 

Talk back, I'm listening. If you disagree, say so but this is how I see America under President Trump with a Republican Congress that is willing to give him what he wants in return of giving them what they want.  

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