Tuesday, June 14, 2016

President Trump's America

Hours after being sworn in as America's President, Trump will issue his first Executive order stopping the issuing of any entry visa to anyone of the Muslim faith into the USA. Congress is too busy repealing Obamacare to tackle this subject right away but they will leave in tact the provision requiring every American to have insurance allowing the Insurance companies that support them to gouge the American people or collect more penalties into the Treasury without raising any taxes. Next President Trump will require all mosques to be monitored (constant surveillance) and anyone speaking out or demonstrating against his policies to be held under the Patriot Act to silence them.  Large collection of Muslims in one community must be patrolled by the local police and treated as second class citizens. 

President Trump's next move will to resend any Executive order of Obama and begin wholesale round up of illegal aliens in the entire country with special attention to those of Hispanic origins. Not having enough I.N.S. agents, he will use troops to make this go faster. Unable to get government or private funding of the wall between Mexico and the USA, he will come up with a unique plan to use the illegals to build the wall and have each state fund the projects.

The third priority on his list will to repeal or replace all Civil Right laws having selected the ninth justice on the Supreme Court, he knows his actions won't get reviewed for years. Women, Hispanics and Blacks will find their rights will be steadily taken away making them second class citizens once again along with the Muslims. Voting will be so restricted to deny them the rights they held before that most will give up voting allowing Trump's party to remain in power for many years as he transforms the USA back into the dark ages. 

My next post will be "President Trump and our allies" next week.

Talk back, I'm listening, if you disagree with me say so! 

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