Sunday, October 30, 2016

Arkansas river pipeline (Diamond pipeline) post by my wife

I wish I had the President's phone number, I would like to ask him and his wife if they care as much as I do, about the fate of their children and their grandchildren. I just found out tonight that the Diamond pipeline is going under and around the Arkansas river along with 500 watersheds! This can't be allowed! Everyone knows that eventually that pipeline will break and kill everything, including us! Why are we risking our drinking water? We won't be able to drink it, I stand with my brothers and sisters in North Dakota who are fighting this same battle, this pipeline will be the death of us all! The pipeline companies think by hiding it under the river we will never know where it leaks, and put the blame elsewhere. Pipelines have leaked and polluted the waterways, beaches and oceans, and the death of fish and birds. So why is the government continuing to allow what we know is wrong? Being self sufficient is one thing, being self destructive is another. I am ready to stand up for what is right for my children, grandchildren, friends and citizens, will you join me? I'll stand in front of a earth mover to stop this! God help us all, Sammi Jo Moye

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