Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Getting back to what I do best-writing, I think?

I know that I have been spending too much time on the American 2016 Presidential election. It has cut down on my writing time and I need to get back to making writing the most consumable of my time. This post has a slightly political statement but that is not the full intent. You will note the book cover I posted here, it is a story set in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Read it is you want to learn about the world if Trump let's his fiery temper get out of control. This series is not what I am writing on currently. I am writing a western that is difficult at best for me trying to make sure all the scenes are realistic even though it is a fiction book of a fictional character and his horse "Wildoats" who keeps stealing the spotlight.
In time I will finish the story, if I quit rewriting it over and over. I think I am just over halfway through the third rewrite and still plan on having it out this year.
What are you writing this year or has the election some what distracted you?

Go ahead and talk back, I'm listening as always    


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