Monday, October 10, 2016

Debating all day on this post

With the social media being full of the American Presidential debate and that tape, it was hard to do a post on writing, but I finally settled down and hit the keyboard. Writing can be tedious, trying to stay focused and pick up where you were at. Typing on Word has one advantage in rewriting, it will take you back to where you left off, the only thing it can't do is pick your brain as you try to get yourself back into the emotions and other aspects of your character, especially during a scene you half typed before being distracted. Since I write the story in my head, I have to find my thoughts no matter how fleeting they became when I was sidetracked. How do I get back into that frame of mind? I asked myself. So to pick up where I left off, I went back and read what I wrote a couple of pages ago. That seemed to help the flow a lot better and soon I was in the book, writing again. For those that don't know, I am writing my first western called "Saddle Spur" featuring John and his wonderful horse named "Wildoats," who keeps trying to steal the show. For those that read the book when it comes out, I discussed the antics and abilities of Wildoats with actual trainers and other horse lovers. So I know you are going to love Wildoats. For those that wonder what he looks like, he is solid black except for a white forelock and tail. He is taller than the average horse and very smart. John never owned him, he became John's pal when he ran away from the mare birthed him unusually, in the dead of winter. He came into John's barn searching for food as a foal. John spoke to him as if he were human and never tried to enclose him in the barn. Soon, Wildoats became less afraid of him and followed him around like a dog. Time and love bonded him to John, his pal.

Talk back, I'm listening. Have a great day as always.

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