Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wildoats here again. the rest of my story

Hi, I am Wildoats from the book Saddle Spur, due out next year. I wanted to pick up where I left off in the last post.  Alone, hungry and scared, I found refuge in John's barn. I told you about his voice, to me it was soothing and made me no longer afraid. What I really want to mention was when he touched me for the first time. I came over close to the rail that separated where I was and the rest of the barn. After weeks of his just talking to me, I felt like he was a friend and was in no danger of being locked in this barn. I stuck my head over the rail as he spoke to me while placing new hay in my area for me to bed down each night. He put down his pitchfork and came over to me, still talking words of comfort. Then he touched my muzzle and gently stroked it. I started to back away, but it felt so nice I stayed, allowing him to do this for a few minutes. He put his arm around my neck and held me close. I never felt so loved in my life since my mother was forced to leave me. I just stood there enjoying the closeness. Finally he released me even though I would have preferred to stay forever. "I have to go into the house for supper." He gave me a couple more gentle pats then took the lantern going out the other way. Each night I looked forward to our time together, when it warmed up, I followed him around outside all day long. As I grew and became stronger, John loved to watch me run. In the spring, I was with him when he plowed the fields using the mules. He had four and switched them out, using two in the mornings and the other two in the afternoons. The first time I got in trouble was when I ran through a freshly planted field, I learned not to after he scolded me. Even that night we had quality time together. Once when a young dark skinned boy that worked the fields with John swatted me, John scolded him for even touching me. The older dark skinned man out there never had anything but kind words for me. The dark skinned young female and I sort of became friends, she would sneak me something she called carrots. I like them! When the next cold time came, John started teaching me things. The first thing he taught me was to answer yes or no. He would bob his head up and down for yes, then shake it side to side for no. The first question he asked me to be sure I understood was "Do you want more oats, yes or No?" I bobbed my head up and down, so he gave me more oats. He began teaching me different things, such as how to open a barn door. I watched him use a pump to get fresh water. Soon I was able to pump my own clean water when I wanted it, unless it was frozen. John worked during that winter at a leather shop but was home each night after dark. I wasn't allowed to go with him. One day he brought home a  halter, bridle and a used saddle. The bridle and saddle I didn't like wearing but accepted them because he was my pal. Even though I did try to buck the saddle off, it stayed put.
I will talk more on the next post about our friendship and love for each other.
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