Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hacker thief strikes!

Most people that don't do their banking on line assume they are safe from someone getting their account information. I thought that way until someone tapped into my bank account or my bank and got my account number and routing number. Poor me for being so stupid. I learned the hard way! The person or persons that did this went to the trouble of putting that information on the bottom of checks so it would go to my account and not theirs.
I was lucky that I called the bank that day to determine if my SS check had come in. A habit I developed making sure it was there before I wrote out my monthly bills. The bank assured me it had and mentioned it came just in time to cover a check for $432.28 that I wrote to Walmart. A red flag went up not on the amount but I had never written a check to Walmart even when I worked for them. I was required to rush down to the bank and put a stop payment on it before the bank cleared the check. It was written on a out of state Walmart branch. A place where I never had been in my life. While I was closing the account and re-opening another account. another check came in also written out of state at a grocery store for $56 and some change. Since this store didn't use the automatic system that Walmart does where the check is scanned and given back to you, we found on the check the name and address of the person writing it along with other information. Since I closed the account, the check was returned but not before I had a copy of it to show police. I was lucky that everything was caught in time and I didn't lose any money to this thief but my account and new account was all tied up for a few days until everything was straightened out.
I learned one valuable lesson, check your bank accounts very close and frequently to make sure someone has not found a way to steal your money even how little it might be, it is yours not theirs! Talk back to me, I'm listening!      If you are looking for a book to read while going to the beach, pool or lake, check out my author page at