Thursday, June 13, 2013

Child within me

I have heard it said that some people never grow up, I guess that I am one of them. I still recall my secret dreams of going into space but life's events and choices I made eliminated me from ever doing so. So I do so in my imagination just like I used to travel to the worlds the writers I grew up reading. That was the premise writing Chronicles of the Marauder. Since I am not a child anymore, I let this world being Neil of the Marauder. Being an adult, I created action and adventure on a more grown up scale including events and relationships that are for Adults. There is no explicit sex or anything like that. Just normal adult involvement and complex relationships. Neil's failed marriage makes it difficult for him to commit to anyone but he could only have close relationships with one female at a time, just the way he was brought up and how he felt. The same as me! LOL never one to play the field and have several woman dangling in my heart at he same time.
Janice, the one eyed Commander attempts to get along with Neil letting him know that she is the one actually in command of the Marauder's crew, he only has command of when and where they go. Her  glass eye is unknown to the crew but she reveals it to Neil having lost the one eye in a fighter plane crash and it was replaced by a glass eye that matched her other so close that most never suspected it was fake. She was a tough disciplinarian that the ship needed to establish procedures and protocols while traveling in space. She knew that the only reason she was selected as the commander was because the Chief Engineer, Boris was denied command and he didn't want Neil to exert authority over him. He felt he could manipulate Janice and be de facto commander but he as wrong, She allied himself with Neil totally pissing Boris off, Janice felt the ship could not be made to run smoothly if she didn't ally herself with Neil. Talk back, I'm listening.
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