Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What you see is what you get!

Now that Father's day has come and gone as a father of seven children you get the same few wishing you happy Father's day and you have those that pretend you don't exist. I know each year which one will wish me a happy Father's day and which one won't. They are too busy in their lives and because we live far away, we are not on their minds much. Last year, I was upset when not one bothered to wish me happy Father's day. At least this year I got wishes from those that had in the past wished my a happy father's day. A couple of my children never act like I'm alive and that sometimes bothers me especially on days like that.
But I did get some good news, that two of my grandchildren are getting married in July. Brother and Sister are marrying their loves two days apart. Jesse on the fourteenth and Dana on the sixteenth. Jesse is in the service and will marry while on leave his love, Becky. Dana is marrying a young man also in the service and when he comes home on leave, she will marry him.
Jesse is getting married down on the beach in California, I just received the invitation. Not sure where Dana is marrying at? I am trying to figure out how to get together the money to go out there and be part of their great day. Living on a fixed income doesn't allow much extra money but if I can, I will go there. Talk back, I'm listening Have a great day and enjoy the rest of this week if you can!