Monday, June 24, 2013

New cover selected

Those long distance early morning calls from wife's family makes me nervous. Her mother is getting up there in years and is starting to getting sick more often. I worry about my wife when one of these calls is bad news. She took a long time to get over losing her father and I'm not sure how she will handle this piece of bad news when it comes. She already wants me to answer the phone not her. Then have her lay down when I tell her because she knows she is not strong enough to deal with this kind of news. Normally, she is a very strong lady. The one that pushed me to publish my first book and take care of me when I get sick. Her chronic vertigo that has been getting worse has had me to take care of her a lot more these days. But such is life! This thought cam to mind when her sister called this morning to say her mother was in the hospital, again.
Now back to the subject of this blog, I posted a request for the readers to select which cover for my new book Chronicles of he Marauder Book Two! but no one responded so I took it as they didn't like any of the choices and decided to use a total different one. One of the covers Half-light made for Book one and Just add Book Two to it, so here goes!
This is the one that I decided to use for Book Two that you can find on Amazon later today. I will post a link to it later when it is published. It is a few days early back from editing so I decided to publish it on Amazon today for those that read book one and are waiting on the sequel. Enjoy!
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