Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Some of my friends on Goodreads have written hundreds and a few even thousands of books. I can't see that many books in me. I have fifteen books published and another five in the works, what will I write about after that. Maybe I will write my first non-fiction or something. I guess I will do like they do and keep stories rolling because I'm sure that new story ideas will continue to flow into my head? How about you? Do you have enough stories floating around to write hundreds of books? 
A writer has to come up with a fresh new approach to each book unless they are writing a series then it is somewhat easier already having the main characters to use and build upon in each book. My Dystopia series called Lightning in the Tunnel was easy to write carrying my characters through the initial bombing and the events that transpired after the USA fell apart which occurred very rapidly in the story. It was easy to write the story through ten books and will end when I publish Lightning Rages next year. My mystery book, Brandi's Nightmare, I have no plans for ever writing a sequel. A Stranger Comes Crawling will have a sequel, I have written the first few pages but no more. T.T. Gristman my time travel book will not have a sequel unless readers request one. Chronicles of the Marauder will be a three book series. I have written the first two of the series already and started on the final book. After it is written, I plan to go back and write the sequel to A Stranger Comes Calling named  Voyage back to Earth that will end that.
Even though my stories are told in the third person point of view with occasional point of views from different characters, I have to make the main character as me to get the feelings and problems feel real to me. Just like if I was reading another writer's books. I have to place myself in that situation in my mind. I hope my readers can relate to the characters especially in the later books where I think I became a better writer. The hope of every writer is their latest book is even better than the last one. I feel the Chronicles of the Marauder is my best work yet and book two is even better than book one. Book three hopefully is going to be the best book of the series, at least I think so! Talk back, I'm listening!