Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Blahs

One of the nice things about being retired, is I don't have to put up with the Monday morning blahs caused by a weekend filled with events. I am lucky to even know what day it is most of the time. LOL!  It took about a year before my body adjusted to not having to get up at any particular time, now I can sleep in when I want and stay up as late as I want without suffering from the blahs. Since I do most of my writing in the evening or at night, this lifestyle is perfect for me. Do you still have Monday blahs?
Speaking of writing, Several of those that have read my entire Dystopia/apocalyptic series Lightning in the Tunnel series have been requesting I get the last installment published. One of my avid readers drove over fifty miles wanting the final book. He is hooked on the series and has just purchased A Need For Lightning and wanted to know when Lightning Rages will be out. I pacified him by offering him my new Science Fiction series called "Chronicles of the Marauder Book One" to read until Lightning Rages comes out. I don't even have a cover for it. He was happy to start another series even if it is radically different than the Lightning in the Tunnel Series.
I came back home after meeting with him and his wife, then started on wrapping up Lightning Rages so it can go to the editing next month, hopefully. It has a ways to go before that. LOL!. I know I should have finished it months ago but was into writing the Marauder Chronicles and never came back to finish it.  
It was nice to chat with you, Talk back, I'm Listening!
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