Thursday, July 4, 2013

Post number 101

It is hard to believe that I have posted over one hundred posts on this site. Originally created to talk to everyone on the Internet about whatever came to mind and occasionally mention my books along with letting everyone know a little about what is going on with my life. Sometimes seeking their advice and sometimes giving advice. I like the way a few people out there give me feedback on different subjects.
This weekend, I'm going to a concert. I haven't been to one since I went to a Tina Turner concert a long time ago right after she had her hit "What has love got to do with it?" I like good music but rap turns me off, I guess I am getting old and all the cussing bothers me. Normally a country music fan but some of the new songs are just as bad as Rap. Soul music, Blues and other good music can make my day. What kind of music do you listen to? To me if it lifts my spirits it is good music especially when you can hear the words. My with and I like to dance and I am learning to play the guitar, maybe some day play it enough to be able to follow along , right now, I sound terrible and have trouble switching my fingers around to play the cords. I guess they are so accustom to the keyboard, they don't want to change fast enough. LOL!
Now a little chatting about my books. My "Chronicles of the Marauder Book One" is selling good, not a best seller by any means but enough have been buying it so I'm seeking reviewers to rate it. I presented it to the Orchard Book Club and Carolina Book Club. I am hoping one of them decides to review it and it is somewhat positive. If neither does, then I will try to have R2R on Goodreads to review it. Everyone that has purchased it seems to like it and many have purchased "Chronicles of the Marauder Book Two" to read.
Instead of giving you the links, I will just say it is easier to look at my books by going to or my website at 
 Talk back to me, I'm listening!