Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The End

The End, the simplest two words at the end of most books. Most writers are so happy to finally write this or XXX at the conclusion of their book but sometimes you feel sad knowing that you won't be writing anymore about this story especially if it is a series whose time has come to call it an end. I know as I write the final saga of my Lightning in the Tunnel series in Lightning Rages the final book of the ten book series, I feel sadness. The characters over the past few years have become family to me. I know I will miss Brad, Michele, Vicki, Jenny, Angel, JJ, Toni and especially Patty (Better known as Bitch) she is my wife's favorite character.  They became family just as they became family to me! Over a ten book series, you wake up each morning thinking what kind of problems will they have to overcome this day. That was why I was so reluctant to write the final saga because inside I really didn't want it to end. I avoided writing it going off to write other books like A Stranger Comes Crawling, T. T. Gristman (Time Traveler), Brandi's Nightmare and my Chronicles of the Marauder series. All just so I wouldn't have to write Lightning Rages, The End! Now that so many have read the series up to the next to the last one, A Need for Lightning, I finally have started to finish Lightning Rages and conclude the series. Even though it was partially written before I jumped off into those other books, I like all writers decided to rewrite most of it to bring the series to a conclusion. Even though the series was published by three different publishers, here is each of the books in the series in order.
Lightning in the Tunnel Begins; Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue, Zigzagging Home, The Journey Continues.*; A place called Terra; Terror Reigns, General Tomahawk Rises; Changes a Bullet Makes; A Need for Lightning and now, Lightning Rages! All these books are available in paperback or as ebooks with a few available in hardbacks. Visit my sight at http://amazon.com/author/agmoye or one of my web sites at http://sites.google.com/site/booksbyagmoye or http://sites.google.com/site/astrangercomescrawlingandmore