Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Lady of Victory by Shirley Harris-Slaughter-my review

I gave this five stars, maybe because I am a history buff but I loved it. The author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter presented this factual story of how her African-American Catholic church came to be and how it was taken away by those in power that were not of that heritage. She is careful not to be too bold about her thoughts of Catholic church just wanting to rid itself of African-

American Churches but some of her anger shows through. The Church "Our Lady of Victory" was plagued by having white only pastors that didn't understand the African-Americans but they did get some that worked with them and created a school along with a church. They believed in what they were doing but too soon were transferred to another parish, disheartening the church members. Never a full blown church but called a mission so the church leaders never saw fit to assign or station a permanent Priest. Book is filled with details of the early organizers of the church and school. I found that very interesting, so you might as well.  Here is the link.

My name is Shirley Harris-Slaughter.  I have been a published author since 2007. I got the urge to write when I realized that no one else was going to save our history. It was up to me. So I wrote Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community.Something that started out as just a timeline of events honoring the pioneers of this West Eight Mile Community, turned into a narrative history
Like most of you I am an Indie author struggling to get recognition in a crowded field.                                   

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