Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Game Master of Somerville by A.J.Raven-my review

I gave this book four stars on Amazon and this blog. It is a sequel to "Missing In Somerville". Still it draws you in as a Y/A suspense book you will enjoy the relationships along with the twists and turns of a good suspense book. Jerry is the main character and finds he has become somewhat a celebrity after solving the case in the book, Missing in Somerville.  He finds it uncomfortable being in this status but the others in his crowd that helped solve it, enjoyed the status. When children go missing in Somerville, the parents expect him to find them, hopefully alive.  Read the story if you are into Y/A books. You can find it at this link on Kindle.

 I am a little late on posting this because I realized after I emailed the author to clear up a couple points, I had other commitments that I scheduled on that day. A.J. sorry about that but I am now doing my review.

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