Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Understanding Tears or the lack of

I grew up during the era were it was not appropriate for a male to be seen crying. I didn't even cry at my father's funeral when I was eleven. I felt detached from my emotions. So I went through my earlier life with emotions in check except for anger, I was quick to explode.  I didn't even cry at my grandmother's funeral in my twenties. We had been very close and I loved her dearly. Looking back now, I went through my life, slightly detached from my emotions especially after I learned to control my anger. The birth of my children made me happy but I didn't cry tears of joy like some did. When the world changed where men were suppose to show their emotions, I did not keeping them in check. To some I appeared as cold but hopefully not to my family. As I grew older and my children started having children, I found I could express emotions easier. The death of my mother brought forth the first tears. They have flowed easier and easier since then. The untimely deaths of two of my sisters brought them to the forefront. Now, I get emotional and even cry over sad movies, death of a character in my writings. I went back and read some of my earlier stories that i wrote years ago and published after updating them. The one thing that was lacking in my writing was the emotions, turmoil and tears the main characters should have been displaying. I was a good story teller following the story line but something was missing and I am in the process of correcting that. For those writers out there, put as much emotion in your story as possible, the reader will feel them and become engaged in your story. Yes, my earlier books had too much sex but that has been toned down as their feelings emerge in the place of sex. 

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