Monday, October 27, 2014

Wife re-do of computer room/library

My wife grew tired of my room where I write in, so she repainted it. Then rearranged it where now it feels bigger and seems bigger. She even relocated me to the other side of the room, I no longer have a window to look out but I can look out the glass door when I get my mind rolling on a book. It is a habit I have of writing the story in my head then putting it on the computer. She has learned when I am quiet and starring out into space that I am writing. The only thing that bugs her is when I start another book. Right now, I have four of them rolling around in my head plus a couple of rewrites. She just rolls her eyes upon learning I have another book I am writing. 

2014 will turn out to be my least productive year of new releases but 2015 looks like another banner year after I get all them edited. I have been spending more time rewriting and editing old releases than finishing my other stories. So look out, 2015!

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