Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bad enough drinking alcohol in excess two days ago but went out last night

Thursday night, one of those rare moods hit me to have more than one cocktail, so it didn't take that much for me to be intoxicated. At least I was at home when the mood hit me. Then last night, I went to a friend's house to celebrate three of my close friend's birthdays, including my wife's birthday. They are all in January. Before I knew it, I was drinking in excess once again. Boy, today, I feel it! Everything is moving in slow motion. I think I will wait another year before I do this again. LOL! I think I will get off the computer and go set in front of the TV watching American football playoffs. My team has been eliminated, Carolina Panthers but my wife's team is still going strong (Patriots). Don't know who I will cheer for today. The way my head is feeling, most likely no one!

Have a great day, stay sober and talk back, I'm Listening!