Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why do I?

Support for Indie authors is number one in my world. Even though there are a lot of writers getting self published, I feel it is my duty to get the word out about their books from hosting book tours to reviews, I do my best to make these unknowns into known writers. I don't post reviews as often as some that have sent me books would like or as quick as they would like, I still stick to about four a month plus hosting guest posts. Some books I have read, I still have yet to post my review. I don't necessarily stick with one genre, that is what I like being an avid reader the variety gets me into genre's that I normally don't bother reading. Some self published authors need to check their formatting especially on ebooks. It may look good in print but is a pain to read in ebooks some times. But by large, most new books I have read are pretty good, holding my interest to finish them. The only books that I normally have a hard time getting into are vampires, zombies and books of that type. Even though I have reviewed some, I tend to skip over them reviewing something else first. So writers of those kind of books, just bear with me, I will eventually get to them and post my review. 

I know some people think that once you publish something, do not go back and redo it but I am of a different thought. As I become a better writer, I go back and re-read my previous work to make it better. Even books that I have had edited, I still find I can make the story flow better and more interesting by re-writing and re-editing with a different editor. What are your thoughts on this?

Talk back, I'm listening!