Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nice thing about being retired, you can get drunk whenever you want to!

My doctor advised me that once a month I should have a cocktail to clear out my kidneys. I think I went a little overboard tonight but my kidneys are clear! I sure am having fun. One thing my friends tell me is that I am one of those drunks that giggle a lot instead of wanting to cause trouble.  I wife is going to check this so it makes sense, I hope. LOL!  I hope she can understand my gibberish! This is my first post after having a few drinks, normally I don't drink even when going out to the taverns because I don't want to wind up with a DWI or DUI, so I only drink at home when I do decide to drink. Hope you have a fun time, I certainly am. Pour yourself a drink and join me, happy time for all. You need those once in a while to release the pent up stresses that occur in everyday life. Winter is a bad time for me to socialize in public, it is just too cold to go out a lot. But it is a good time for me to get some more writing done. If I can get my editor to move faster, I might get three or four more books published in 2015. I have worked on three and another new book called "Doomsday Rock" another dystopia book, but different. Books keep rolling through my head except when I am drunk like know, I can't recall a single one so Talk Back, I'm listening as well as any drunk can listen!     George's wife here, I thought it was too funny edit, so I let it be, Enjoy!