Friday, January 2, 2015

Immoral Behavior by Alex Fielding-my review

My review of Immoral Behavior. I was given a copy for my honest review. Debating between four or five stars. I liked it but didn't exactly love it. It is a story about Vincent,  a handsome young man that starts in the search for his sister but winds up in the clutches of a woman that tricks him into becoming a porn star. His co-stars are unaware of their activities being filmed while with this young man. Everything was fine for this young stud until he fell in love. His evil manager threatens to kill her and her family if he does not continue in his role as a porn star. The movies she had of him and these women were a hit over seas and his leaving would cost her money. 

Here is an excerpt from the book- 

  Oh damn you, Kathryn Miller!

Vincent looked around as he pressed the life out of the brass doorbell before him. An old-fashioned, chiming melody rang throughout the house.
“C’mon, Sean! Open the freaking door, man!” he said aloud, glancing at the other houses that lined the streets near Quinn’s not-so-humble abode.
Vincent had originally hired Quinn to help find his sister, but the situation with his female boss had gotten out of control, and he needed help to sort it out. Vincent knew Kathryn Miller was a cold-hearted killer; she’d even admitted it to him once, when she’d spoken of the notorious New York gangster she’d killed, the man who had murdered her beloved family in cold blood. She’d drunkenly gleamed at Vincent and said he’d no longer be killing anyone else, not with his bullet-riddled body buried in a shallow grave in the grounds of her Hamptons mansion. Vincent may have had Miller’s confession, but without proof, or the name of the gangster she’d killed, it was worthless. That guy’s identity might just save his life and the lives of everyone he loved, and that was where he hoped his friend Quinn would come in.
Sean Quinn was the best P.I. in all of Manhattan, and now Vincent required his expertise more than ever before. But will Quinn’s detective skills really be enough to uncover the nameless gangster? Vincent could only hope.
For heaven’s sake, Sean, open the bloody door!
Vincent banged on the door as he felt his heart beat faster. He glanced over his shoulder. He worried that Miller may have sent her henchmen after him, and the quietness of the dark area didn’t help his nerves one bit. If not for the few lights that flickered on in the other houses, the place would have seemed entirely vacant. There wasn’t a breeze, not even a barking dog

Oh, how I hate you, Kathryn!

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 Facts about the Author and the character of the great Mr. Reid

Many of the incidents in this story are based on true events. Though some names, places, and incidents are fiction and have been altered for dramatic effect Vincent Reid met the real Kathryn (not his and her real name) when he was 14 years old while he was sleeping on the streets of London. Because he was tall for his age and looked older, he told her he was 17 years old. The real year was 1987. But for the purposes of this book, Alex wanted to update it to the year 2014 and based the story in New York. Alex chose to set Vincent’s story in New York because of his love for the city. The title name of the great Mr. Reid is one of the real names in the novel along with Funky Hunks.    
Alex Fielding the author lives between Ireland New York and London and he is busy working on Vincent’s second book as well as a movie script that is based on the great Mr. Reid’s story.
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Talk back, I'm listening as always. Enjoy this book.