Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Are you like me; trying to be present at too many locations or performing too many tasks?

Sometimes it seems like I am overloaded, trying to do too much at once. Being a blogger, reviewer and a writer takes up a lot of time. Maybe tonight I am feeling overwhelmed. I need to read for book reviews, stay on top of my social media accounts, GoodReads, LinkedIn and all the blogs I follow. Then comes my email and other contacts, where does this leave me time to write? I also have to work with my editor on several books I want to get published this year. I have tried to set a schedule to create free time to write, but it is not working that well. How do you find time to write if you are doing all the others? To cut down on my reading for reviews, I have been hosting several blog tours but even then, most want you to review or do an author interview that is time consuming. 

I know I am just ranting to let off steam, but some times you just have to. I am like the little boy with his hand in the dike, I didn't realize I was taking on so much until now. I don't even have time to promote any of my work, I am too busy promoting others to even bother with it. I have been burnt doing my own promoting, so I have become gun shy. When I first learned that it was my job to promote my own books, I made the mistake of announcing to everyone on LinkedIn on all the threads about the release of my latest book. Boy, did I get into trouble. That has made me very reluctant to mention them at all. Occasionally, I will mention one of them on this blog, but very seldom. I don't want my readers to become annoyed.

Hopefully, I didn't bore you to death with this rant, Talk back, I'm listening!