Thursday, February 5, 2015

He's Mine by Bernadette Y. Conner- Elite Tour post-Guest post

I am pleased to present Elite  book Tour Promotions as a guest post.

Here is an excerpt from her great book-

Miles arrived at his smoked glass and chrome tower, and as he opened the door, a breathtaking long, lean, sleek-haired beauty whisked pas him. Obviously, she was running late. The intimate scent of her perfume caressed Miles's nose and locked his mind. If anyone else was in the lobby he never noticed them. 

Miles's eyes followed the beautiful, aromatic woman as her eyes feverishly scanned the large office directory. Without hesitation, she headed for the elevators, forcing Miles to speed up to ensure getting there with her. Inside, he smiled warmly and inspected her more closely. She smiled back, dropped her eyes demurely and stared straight ahead.

The elevator doors closed silently. Either her perfume was intoxicating Miles, or she was without a doubt the most flawless creature he had ever seen. 
What some had to say about this book-

“He’s Mine! is a gripping tale of love, dysfunctional relationships, deceit, passion, infidelity and unrequited love.  Bernadette Connor writes unapologetic, in your face prose with her searing human touch.  Connor’s seventh novel is a must-read and will keep you guessing about the fate of Patrice Mays and Miles Alexander, until the last page.”
-         Thelma Balfour, author of Black Love Signs and Black Sun Signs (Touchtone/Simon & Schuster)
"Using passion and intrigue as her thread, Ms. Connor has woven a fascinating story. HE'S MINE! is a tale you'll remember long after you turn the last page!"
-         B. Berry, author of Clothesline Blues and Cold Crazy(series)
“Love, murder and mayhem.  It is a love story after all!”
-         Lori Bryant Woolridge, Emmy winner and author of Can't Help The Way That I Feel

About The Author


Bernadette Y. Connor is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born at home in a one-room apartment in North Philadelphia; the fourth of five children. To help her family financially, she sang rhythm and blues in many of the local nightclubs until she graduated from Dobbins Vocational Area High School in 1969 and was hired as a secretary by Sun Oil Company.

Bernadette’s first love was music, but she found herself writing poetry. Some of her earliest writings were published in SCLC monthly magazine. Both singing and writing had to take a back burner to caring for her family, but midnight often found her doodling. A divorced mother of three, Bernadette saw that all of her children graduated from college.

Bernadette found her niche’ at AT&T as a communications technician. With the merger came a lay-off and she saw as an opportunity to begin a new career, but that was put on hold by a series of medical problems and finally the devastation of the brutal murder of her eldest son on Christmas Eve of 1991. Her zest for life, travel and adventure were nearly extinguished. However, Bernadette’s thoughts slowly returned to writing.

The literary fire was stoked by reacquainting herself with her earlier poems. Bernadette embarked on yet another adventure. She wrote a simple love story called “Finally” that opened the gate to an avalanche of works . . . 13 novels and 7 screenplays. Bernadette’s published debut novel, “Damaged!”, the first psychological thriller ever written and published by an African American garnered her a spot in “Who’s Who In America 2004”. Publishers Weekly dubbed her the “genre-crossing writer” and she loves the distinction.

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