Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's night and other thoughts

Hope everyone has remembered to tell the one they value most in the world, that they love them. Love, one of the most powerful words we have in life. Do not be ashamed to share it. It is a good feeling that warms the soul.

For some reason, I have been hesitate to mention my books but tonight I want to speak of books I am writing on right now. I guess the closest one to being finished is "Saddle Spur" my one and only western. I have been doing a lot of research trying get the facts close to truth as I can. Like most followers know, I work on two or three books at once. "IronHeart" a story about a young man that loses his parents just before his eighteenth birthday, having to grow up and learn about life instead of living in his "football" world. And my third works called "Doomsday Rock" is about another young man having to leave the Convent he grew up in when the world fell apart. He has to learn about survival on the outside along with how to associate with people. A Slightly humorous story. My first attempt at writing anything humorous, yet still serious Dystopia book. 

Between writing, blogging and staying active on social media, I am still working with my editor team on my Chronicles series and Lightning Rages.  If you knew how my mind jumps from book to book, you would understand why I have started and written most of another three books, One called Jody's Dilemma; the other Cat's Cry and lastly,  The Zzumarians, a follow up to Lightning Rages. Jody and Cat are off shoots of Lightning Rages.

Have a great night, talk back, I'm listening!