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The Hartford Inheritance by Jane A. Hobden- Guest post


Book Excerpt

We did everything together, usually pushed along by Sarah. She was the stronger, more independent and outspoken of the two of us. I was demure and painfully shy around everyone except my twin. If we were asked a question, I would look to Sarah, blushing scarlet whilst she answered. Sarah was able to articulate herself in a way that demanded adults pay attention. 

She would stand with her head tilted, a smile lighting her face, a twinkle in her eyes, her long tanned legs with grazes and cuts from top to bottom, twirling her black, tangled hair peeking out from beneath her crooked heavy fringe, with an air of aloofness that I once heard my dad describe as cockiness. My legs never displayed cuts or grazes and my knee-high socks were always pulled up as high as they would go in an effort to look smart.

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Book Description

  Intense, gripping, psychological thriller.

As a child, Kitty Harmer had her world turned upside down when her twin sister, Sarah, was taken into care. Now aged 26 and struggling, she is contacted about the inheritance of a property she has never heard of miles away. Kitty seizes the opportunity and moves into Belford Hall, set on acres of land in Norfolk.

Kitty is soon drawn to the charms of the Norfolk countryside, and a local farmer. As she settles into the primitive manor house, she discovers a book titled Hartford Place locked in a library drawer. Kitty soon learns of the stories surrounding the Hall, a curse made in the 1800s and a past she knew nothing about. Her Hartford ancestors mirror Kitty with their raven hair and emerald eyes and have all suffered tragedy, with veiled secrets buried deep.

When the twins reunite, Sarah reveals a hardship that unsettles Kitty’s memories of her own childhood. Is there a curse on the Hartford family? Is there a ghostly presence at the Hall? This thriller takes Kitty on a journey through a past that emulates her future. With twists and turns through history and the present, you will be swept into the Hartford Inheritance and the passionate jealousy that shadows the identical twins through the generations.


About the Author

At school the only subject I excelled at and loved was English Literature and English Language. I left school at 16 and went to College to learn typing and shorthand and then went to work in a criminal

Solicitors where I progressed from a secretary to become a paralegal. I worked there until the birth of my daughter Harriet, 11 years ago. I loved the job and the people I worked with. The criminal Court system in the UK is an exciting area of law and every day is different. I met a array of people from different backgrounds and it was very character building. I enjoy helping people and being there to listen and this was a very large part of my job.

Though I didn’t return to the criminal Solicitors after my maternity leave, I continued in law and trained as a cost draftsman preparing legal aid bills for Solicitors. This is my current employ which is home based and which gives me an income and allows me to work as self-employed so that I can dedicate my  time to writing.

I would love nothing more than to be a full time author for I just love the whole process. I’ve got quite a vivid imagination and I love the process of writing thrillers for it is the type of books I love the most. I wrote my debut book The Hartford Inheritance in 2011. I became very ill in 2013 when I contracted

Strep A which has a kind of toxic shock effect on your joints. It can be fatal but fortunately I was under the care of an excellent orthopaedic team. It took me a long time to get the use of my left hand and foot back and when I was recovered, it made me more determined to publish my novel.

Since May 2014 when I published the book, I have had excellent feedback. Because no one apart from my husband and two very close friends knew that I had written a book, friends and family were really taken aback and have all been very supportive of me.  Apart from my wedding day and the births of my children, this is the proudest I have ever been of myself.


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