Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Morning after, day two!

This year, it is only a couple of months old, I have been drinking more than normal. Not just having a drink every now and then but several when I do. Yesterday, I was in a state of funk after a long night of drinking. Last night, I had a couple of drinks that brought me out of my state of funk where I did not feel like doing a thing. I didn't work on any of my books like I normally do. Instead watched a rerun of the first Harry Potter with my wife. I remember watching it with my grandchildren the first time and it brought back positive, happy memories. It is the type of movie that the whole family can enjoy. Then I went to bed early waking up feeling great. Today should be a good writing day. I think I will work on "IronHeart" one of my books.  What are your plans for the day? Are you going to do something with the family or hide yourself away? 

Talk back, I'm listening.