Thursday, September 29, 2016

Disturbing social media post

I was on Facebook and on my stream was a post about Hillary defending a rapist as a defense lawyer.  It chastised her for using every trick in the book to get her client off. What bothered me was not that she did, that is what defense lawyers do. Most of you know the high publicized trail of O.J. Simpson. His lawyers used every trick in the book to get him off even though most of us knew he did it. He was the only one with a reason to do so. Using tricks, misconception and establishing doubt is the defense lawyers main goal. To get their client off or lessen the time spent in jail. The defense lawyer may know for a fact their client is guilty but it is their job to get them off anyway they can. We know that Hillary broke the law by using a private server instead of the public one but I question the law, maybe she knew going through the public server people she didn't want to snoop into her emails couldn't. I don't know what or who gets instant access to her emails in the government if she had used the public server. Maybe that was why Colin Powell urged her to set up her own. I know her breaking of this law was not right. Should she go to jail for this? I'm not sure but faced with the choices we have this election, I have to forgive her for her "Mistake"and urge others to do so. Why do you ask? America has always since WWII been the leader of expanding human rights. That is the right of human happiness, pursuit of respect, right to vote, right to voice your opinion and our word once given has been our bond.  We may disagree for a long time but once we agree, we stick to it even if we have to amend it to do so.  Our leaders made a mistake of going to war in the middle east for all the wrong reasons. We all know that but the past can't be changed, only the future.  Retreating to the past can not happen, the USA can't go back to being an Isolationist country not in the days of the Internet. The decisions made in Washington D.C. not only effect our country but the world as a whole. We can not bury our heads in the sand and pretend the rest of the world is not our problem. We are all humans and once every human learns this, we might get on the road to human salvation instead of destruction. The only thing I can urge everyone to do is get out and vote this November 8 to be sure your voice is heard. Vote for the future of the human race.

Talk back, I'm listening as always.  

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