Friday, May 31, 2013


Imaginations are what fuels a fiction writer along. The better the imagination, the better the story in my opinion. In A Stranger Comes Crawling, I needed to come up with a reason for events occurring that way and ended up with a great ending that will shock the readers. They will be more surprise in the sequel to A Stranger Comes Crawling called "Voyage back to Earth" due out in early 2014. They will learn what caused some of the deaths that occur. I can not tell you much more or I will give away the story.
In my other science fiction called the Chronicles of the Marauder,Book One. I again let my imagination soar coming up with various Aliens and their strange quirks along their appearances. Some become like family to the humans as members of the crew. Other Aliens seek to dominate them and use them as slaves or food. In book two of the Chronicles of the Marauder, Book Two. I had to come up with even more Aliens during the Marauder's ten year voyage. I have started on book three while Book two is in editing and awaiting a cover for it. I'm about twenty or thirty pages into it. Mainly writing it in my head before I put it on the computer. I won't finish it before I go and finish Voyage back to Earth and get it published so the readers can read what happens on Rip's way back to earth.
As a let my imagination soar, I think the stories get even better and better especially with the inner action of the characters aboard each of the crafts. Since both series are written for adults, I have included adult relationship problems between characters not just writing about their adventures and action scenes. Is this how most of you do it? I know this is my style of writing that I feel is getting better and better each book I write. Talk back to me, I'm Listening!