Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interveiw aftermath!

My interview by Laura Crean at http://lauracrean.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/bookish-banter-featured-author-a-g-moye/  gave me a new nickname, I think I will start using in on my sites. I posted the link to the interview for those that haven't read it yet. It was a good interview that made me laugh and smile giving a big thank you to Laura. To date it was one of the best interview posting anyone has done about me. Even though the first interview I ever did by Tracy was good. This one had humor in it making me laugh! SpaceCowboy is now my new hashtag on my sites. That was the nickname she gave me. LOL!
It was a busy week for me, last week after myreview of Wendy Owens (Sacred Bloodline: Guardain Series). I did a revew of Emma Meade on her book "The end of the Line" and I have two more books to reveiw and post results on Goodreads and Amazon. I hope to finish both by the wenkend so I can post them next week.
Having "Chronicles of the Marauder book One re-edited so it reads better. Have "Lightning Rages" being edited and still waiting on cover. For this one I had no idea what would be a good cover. I am sure Half-Light will come up with something that will go good with the story. I am also working on writing a short story to be included in ASMSG's new book coming out next year with a lot of short stories in it about other worlds, made up by the writers of each of these stories due by the end of the year.
Talk back, I'm listening! Have a great day!