Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Week on home front!

After the last two hectic weeks, it is nice to have a quiet week on the home front. I know most of the focus of everyone is on the Federal shutdown and the looming Debt ceiling crisis for most folks that is. Us writers tend to not get into the fray on who is right and who is wrong unless they are a reporter. We just keep on typing away on our stories trying to finish the story that we are working on. Some might include the current crisis in their stories giving their characters real world events in the background. Since I write about events taking place in the future, it doesn't do me any good to use these events.
My book, "Lightning Rages" the final Lightning in the Tunnel book is still in editing so I just have to wait to get it finalized. I am close to finishing "Chronicles of the Marauder-Book Three" then it will head into editing. What is slowing the process is the re-editing of the first Chronicles of the Marauder.
On a personal note, my wife has returned to her normal self after battling her addiction to Valium and I have got my blood sugar back under control to some extent, I guess my pills are not working as effective as they used to so now I am on taking insulin shots, normally once a day but occasionally twice a day when it seems to hang up there a little on the high side.
Just a reminder, my book "Changes a Bullet Makes" is still on sale this month for 99 cents then it goes back up to the normal price. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009EAWB2M or http://www.smashwords.com/veiw/4061167 Don't forget you can find all my books on my author site at http://www.amazon.com/author/agmoye
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