Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Reading

I have decided to allot more time to reading than to writing or blogging so I can do more reviews. With there being so many authors out there, I have decided to make time to read more. I used to read everyday spending more time on that than anything else. But as I became published and learned it was up to me to get the word out about my books, I found social media. From those sites especially LinkedIn and GoodReads, I learned what needed to be done if I want one single reader. So I spent most of my time blogging and talking about my books. I even got into trouble when one of my books was published and I didn't know any better, I sent out a notice to all of LinkedIn therefore almost getting banned from it. I have learned that is unacceptable! As time went on, I learned what was acceptable and what wasn't. Growing my followers has been the most fun, making contacts with various people out in the social media. I now know that not everyone wants to hear just about my books, but want to engage in meanfull conversation as they and I learn about each other. I enjoy that. Each day I try to do more conversation and try to help promote other authors, because in a world filled with readers, some even avid readers, I find that my stories are not their cup of tea. So, I am branching out my blog posts to include stories by other authors and even some interviews. Speaking of interviews, Mike Zimmerman has written a interview of my book and me, "Chronicles of the Marauder" book two and posted it on LinkedIn. Saturday, Laura Crean is doing an author interview on me and Chronicles of the Marauder book one. I twittered the announcement to everyone along with google plus to all those in my circles so they will be prepared for it when it comes out in the morning.
For those that haven't heard, I have been placing one book a month on sale (ebook only) each month. This month is "Changes a Bullet Makes" for 99 cents from regular price of $2.99.  It goes back up even higher on November first when I put another book on sale. Last month it was "T.T. Gristman" next month will be "A Need for Lightning" I don't know if I will continue putting a book of the month special in December or into next year. It all depends on how successful this works.   Talk back, I'm Listening!