Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New entries in book cover contest

This week we have only a couple of new entries in our contest but I will give them the royal treatment they deserve. If you have a book cover you think you would like to enter, join this site and post it on what's new? you can do so by following this link if I get it right. and I will include your cover with links to your book on my next post. As this week progresses I have been really busy and haven't spent much time on my site on MARSocial but I will get back to it shortly. I have been busy writing or finishing up my final book in the "Chronicles of the Marauder series". I am on my final chapter of book three ready to work on the editing but it is in line for my editor being busy editing my "Lightning Rages" the final book of my Lightning in the Tunnel series. I entered part of the book, (chapter twenty-six) in the author of the week competition calling it "Jody's Dilemma" It finished in the top ten but since it was unedited, it didn't do as well as I expected. I just have to have the final book of the series edited by a good editor. Now here is one of the new entries to the cover contest!

Here is another that occured in the last minute of the previous week still in the running!
Take a gander at these books, you might find one you like. One thing I have found in this contest is how much work each author puts into writing his or her story and needed the exposure to allow readers to see their work is out there. They pour their heart and soul into these books. Not written by a named author but by aspiring writers that one day might write the next best seller. I look forward to reviewing them on this site one day. Right now, I don't have a chance to read them being so swamped with concluding or starting my next books. 
One thing I have noticed that a lot of books out right now that have some sort of eye on the cover of them. I wonder if that is a trend? LOL I have two of them myself! Talk back, I'm Listening! The SpaceCowboy is signing off for today!