Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cold Morning!

The mornings are getting colder, so my early morning walk requires a coat. Now the only thing that gets cold is my hands and ears. I guess I should wear something on my ears. Today I decided to post something different than just posting other people's book covers. I might add them on the end of the post and again, maybe not! I am trying to read a little more but find I'm on my social site more than I would like. I didn't know that hosting a cover contest would take up so much time along with trying to get the word out. I still have time to write. My "Lightning Rages" is still in editing and hope to have it published soon. Chronicles of the Marauder Book One is being re-edited so it will be revised soon. When it was read in print, I noticed too many ! marks being used. I guess when I speak for the characters I think they are exclaiming something when they are not, just talking. LOL It was not caught in the first editing.  As a writer improves, he/she learns a lot about their tendencies while writing. I know when I first started writing long hand, I tended to use "and" a lot. I now watch that closely. Another action connector I use a lot is "as", I am trying to get away from that. Writing is tough, especially if you try to make it easier and readable for the reader while keeping their attention through the flow of the story.
I am on the final chapter of "Chronicles of the Marauder- Book Three" trying to figure out exactly how I intend to end it. Should I leave a possibility of another book or just end it period? I guess I will decide when I reach the final lines. LOL If you haven't read the series and are into SiFi check out my author site and read a little of each book. Maybe you will find it interesting. for my friends in Great Britain it is
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