Friday, October 11, 2013

World of Worlds

I have agreed to write a short story for a book the ASMSG is putting out next year. My story is called "The World of Kaynar" hopefully it gets included in the book that is a collection of short SiFi and Fantasy stories that the reader will enjoy. Christopher Shields is heading up the group and it should be a good collection. I copied and pasted the description of my world in the collection.

                                        World of Kaynar!The red dwarf sun that Kaynar orbits, gives the ever present cloud covering a reddish hue, that gives the appearance as if it were raining blood. During the moonless night it is less noticeable. Even the marble used to build the structures on Kaynar bears the same red tint. The leaves of the short stubby trees that grow on the planet have red leaves with a slight blackish-green stem. Solid ground on Kaynar is less than a thousand square miles. She is basically a water planet. Life existed in the water long before the Kaynarins emerged onto dry land to escape the jaws of the Klaptor. Rain comes daily. Sometimes as a mist, other times a downpour. The constantly rolling oceans appear blackish and foreboding for the life held within. Despite the Klaptor and ever present whirlpools of the ocean, life flourishes on Kaynar.
  What do you think, does this describe a foreign planet and how it looks day by day?

Currently "Lightning Rages" is still in editing and may be available by December 2013.  With the writing of the above story, my book Chronicles of the Marauder Book Three has not been finished but it is close. I have a lot on my plate right now, Trying to keep my group on MARsocail informed.
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