Friday, March 21, 2014

My review of Deadly Fun by Pamela M. Richter

My review of this book by Pamela M. Richter. I found it was a very good story filled with action and intrigue with a strong female heroine keeping you locked into the story until the very end. I gave it four stars, could have been five because I actually loved it but she has a few mistakes in the story that I hoped she has corrected. I received my copy a few months back and over looked it not reading it or reviewing it until now. 

The story is set on a cruise ship where the heroine Lolita called Lo for short goes undercover as a private investigator being hired by the FBI to pose as the agent in charge, wife. He is her boss having hired her before on other jobs and was very successful in getting evidence on the bad guys. She always came through no matter what she had to do to collect the evidence. This investigation could cost her, her life. Being a good looking, sexy woman, Lo found men were easily attracted to her making it easy to get close to her targets but close could be deadly. Her targets do not hesitate to kill. Normally, a loner she has to put up with her employer questioning her every move and insuring she does her investigation by the book so everything would be admissible into a court of law. Not Lo's way of collecting evidence. 

Main Characters:

Lolita or Lo as she is called is a former ex-con with a beautiful face and body that poses as the wife. Sent to prison for refusing to testify against her former family, she was married to a member of the Mob. When he was killed by a rival gang she had her heart set on finding her dead husband's killer. Having a law degree, she was intelligent, ass kicking female.

Lance or cover name Dan is the agent in charge that Lolita finds herself working with. A handsome married man with a body that turns every woman on, he hired Lolita because of her past successful actions along with her good looks. 

This story the way it is written makes you feel like you are there. Very descriptive, emotional feelings along with clearly setting the scenes in the reader's mind. If you want a emotional, action packed adventure story to read, this book is for you. Here is the link for you.

Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did. Be sure to pick up your copy today. If you like good mysteries pick up a copy of Brandi's Nightmare while your at Amazon.
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