Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My review of the Revelations of Cian

Revelations of Cian (Morte' Series)My review of Augusta Fern's book, Revelations of Cian. Let me start off by saying, this is not the normal type of book I would read and enjoy reading. It is a well written story about vampires but that is just not my thing!

The story is set in modern day New Orleans were the vampires have a night club and humans come to have a great night of fun only to become fonder for the vampires. Cian, the main character struggles with his desire not to feed on humans any longer preferring other methods of acquiring human blood that he needs to exist.  He falls in love with a human making his struggle not to harm humans to live even harder.  He tries to protect her from another unseen enemy that wishes to harm her and her children.

Cian, the main character is a handsome vampire that is several hundred years old. He works as a bounty hunter for other vampires that enter the city without registering with the Queen Vampire that controls the city and night club. He finds himself as the protector of one human female in particular.

Estella, a good looking female vampire that works with Cian in protecting the human, she can also see events that have just transpired allowing them to know who came in contact with her when no one was around or what happened with the human when she disappears.  

Babit, the human that Cian falls in love with and tries to protect her from any harm that might befall her.

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