Saturday, March 29, 2014

Avoiding the used car salesman approach!

While trying to hawk your wares, try not to sound like a pushy used car salesman. I get tons of flashy ads on my screen when i am on line. Most I ignore and never read them. If I can, I delete them right away so they will stop bothering me. The one thing that annoys me even more is in a non-fiction book is someone pushing another of their books every page using see this or I will tell you in this book instead of going into detail in this book. You have to read the other book to actually get the point the writer is making. This book is just the writer tooting their horn trying to get you to purchase the other book. Since I am doing a lot of reviews of books, reviewing this type of book just annoys me. I am currently reading to review a book for teacher's to use in their classrooms. I am about half way through reading it (it is so boring so far) but I will finish it. Hopefully, there will be an interesting story or points to be made in this book.Talk back, I'm listening as usual. Ps-I don't want to mention the name right now until I finish it.