Monday, March 17, 2014

Posting a successful Blog?

Ha! I fooled you if you expect to learn how to post a successful blog on this blog post. I have found that what I think is a good blog post, I get less views than others that I think is just so-so. Posting reviews of other author's books, especially a popular author gets you a big spike in your traffic. I have not any key to success because my site has a normal flow of views daily unless like I said my post is about an author's book that is poised to become successful or the author's brand is familiar to a lot of readers. If you viewed this blog trying to find the key or if you have the key, leave me a comment so I can open that door. Did your week start off on a low note or did it start with a bang?

Talk back, I'm listening! And thanks for wasting your time on reading this blog.