Thursday, March 6, 2014

My review of Endless Sky by Stuart Land

Endless Sky "The Sergeant's Pledge" by Stuart Land is today's review. On Microcerpt a site for authors to help authors, I agreed to review this book for Stuart. I went to his website and looked at his books. This one sounded good and boy was I right. He sent me a copy and away I went, reading it. 

The story begins in World War II when Sergeant Scott McIntyre (USA) is about to be killed when an alien craft crash lands in front of him while in France weeks after D-Day saving his life and transporting him twenty years into the future. I found the story was told very well and events throughout history was used as backdrops to the story. Scott pledged to return the favor the dying alien did for him and help the alien return home for medical treatment. This book will hold your attention. I like the way it was presented and told leading up to the end that also sets the stage for further books in the story. Very believable characters with strong emotions and excellent descriptions of the main characters and background characters that come together to make the story worth reading. If you like Science Fiction with aliens and a good read, this book is for you!

Main Characters are: 

Scott McIntyre, an army Sergeant  that finds himself moving through time seeking the technology necessary to help his savior but has to invent most of it on his own in order to accomplish the mission and with the help of the other two main characters.

 Norbert Beacker, the Nazi soldier that stood next to Scott when the alien crash landed that was an engineer but serving as a private at the time becomes his good friend when years later Scott is shown on TV as a crazed man that thought World War II was still going on. It was twenty years later when Scott was on TV that Norbert saw him and now knew where Scott went when he disappeared that day. He teams up with Scott.

Ch┼Źn Wattanapun, the Thai woman that assists Scott and becomes his lover along with time traveler with Norbert as they seek the abilities to take the alien home.

♫♫♪♪ , the almost alive robot on the alien's craft that helps Scott and Norbert obtain the necessary technology to return the craft with the dying alien aboard.

Like I said earlier, this is a very compelling story that allows you to see things through history with their eyes and learn what might transpire in future for Earth. You can pick up your copy at the two links below-


Stuart Land (2013-12-02T17:00:00+00:00). ENDLESS SKY: The Sergeant's Pledge (Kindle Locations 3533-3536). Kindle Edition. Also available in paperback!

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