Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Reflections in the mirror

When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself how you really look or you do still see yourself as that man twenty... thirty years ago. Women tend to be more critical of their selves seeing every little wrinkle and imperfection that age brings. They are quick to have surgery to correct things that age brings on whereas men seemed to not see them unless they are vain wanting to look exactly like they have always looked. Quoting the words of my wife, she said, "Men tend to grow old gracefully on the outside but stay in their mind like they are twenty years old, accepting to a degree that showing a little age makes them look more mature."  When I look at the photo on this post, it doesn't show the gray that has taken a hold of me now and that was only five years ago. I buzzed off my hair last year growing tired of the slightly long hair and was surprised when it started coming back. I expected it to be solid gray but the top came back in brown not by usual dark brown/black but a brown. The sides came back gray as did my sideburns which is to be expected at my age. Gray is also slowly showing up in my sideburns. By the way, my wife thinks I look great for my age and that is all that matters to me. I think men view aging so radically different than females do. Even though men try to stay young on the inside and worry less about the outside appearance. Women on the other hand worry excessively about their appearance especially showing of their age. They spend a lot of money on products trying to stay young as most men note but will never say so because of the wrath they will encounter even mentioning how much is spent on trying to stay younger looking. Writing this post, I expect to get some serious feedback from my wife. I don't think she will like this. If there is a woman reading this, she might disagree on the vanity of women but only slightly if she is being truthful to herself. 

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