Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Attention all authors, reviewers, & readers

Today is RRBC recruitment day. For those authors out there looking to get your work noticed, The Rave Review Book Club is the place to go. Thou they charge a membership fee, it is well worth if you become active in the club. They will get your name and book out there for the readers. Readers and Reviewers should join as well. It is a nice place to learn about new authors and their books. Try it for a while and say "A.G.Moye" sent you. You won't be sorry, they are a great group pushing your name and book (s) into the public's eye. They are small and growing fast, what do you have to lose. Anything that boost your work as you build your brand, is a good thing. Drop by this link to join today-  YOU will NOT regret it, just a reminder, type my name into your application as sponsor. 

Talk Back, I'm listening! Have a great day