Monday, December 8, 2014

When the Chips are down by Anne Rasico-my review

 My review  of this book. I gave it a five star rating on Amazon and GoodReads because I enjoyed it. The story is a thought provoking Dystopian book about a young woman (Brooklyn) that goes into a coma after a car accident and wakes up two years later finding her world changed due to the implant of chips in everyone over eighteen. One of close friends helps her escape the hospital before they can insert the chip in her.  He was one of those that saw how the people with the chips changed. Becoming pacified, unmotivated and not their normal self.  Unknown to her, the chips contained mind control placed by the government. Unable to accept this new world, she joins her friends to return it to the world she knew where everyone had an opinion and was motivated to do something. Sure, crime was not a problem anymore but the government controlled everything.  Pick up your copy at the link below if you like these kind of books, I do!

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