Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taking a second breath & Read Tuesday

I don't know about you, but I am already sick of all the commercials on TV trying to entice you to buy their product. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I was hoping to see less of the Holiday commercials. Not more but I guess everyone saved most of their advertisement funds to flood us with them this time of the year. I realize this is the make or break time of the year for most retailers and big Companies since the consumer usually pulls out whatever funds they have squirreled away or max their credit card in hopes of getting those close to them something they think they want. I had hoped for a short pause between all the pushing but it is not to be. 

On another note- I did find something interesting for me as an author and reader. Chris Mullen has created what he calls "Read Tuesday" where a lot of authors offer their books at highly discounted prices. He is attempting to make it like Black Friday and Cyber Monday where readers can get books by their favorite authors at a big discount. I hope he is successful, we need a read Tuesday type of event for all those readers out there living on a limited book budget. I have not placed any of my works on the event but have agreed to allow them to tweet on Tuesday to all my followers about that day on "Read Tuesday" drop by and check it out. You might find a book you want or take a chance on an unknown author at a low price. You just might be surprised!

Talk back, I'm listening! Have a great day!