Friday, December 5, 2014

Reading books by others

Reading books to review, I guess I am one of those few that reads the entire book before I review it. I get to see different styles of writing and I like that. Everyone might tell the same story but in an entirely different prospective making it an enjoyable story to read. Sometimes, I read a story that can not hold my attention, if that happens, I will leave the book and maybe come back to it. Why do you ask? Because I might be in a different mood so the story now holds my interest long enough to finish it. I still might review it for a few weeks placing the ones that held me until the end ahead of that book or books. I very seldom give anything less than three stars, I am weird that way thinking every story has some merit but I don't give many five stars unless it is a book that holds my attention and causes me to read the whole book in one sitting. I am not a speed reader but I read fairly fast and can usually read a book in three hours once I start. 

I try to read and review a book or two a week. Lately, I have been having a lot of guest posts that I leave up for a couple days before putting a new one up. I have two books I have read but have not reviewed yet, I will do the first one on Saturday morning and the second one on Monday morning. I know I need to catch up on some of the reviews that I promised for December and will do so. So, if you have sent me a book to review, you just might get it by Christmas. LOL

Have a great day and Talk Back, I'm listening. If you are looking for a book for Christmas, try reading "Chronicles of the Marauder" it is on sale at Amazon and Smashwords until January 1, 2015.