Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Puzzled Reflections

Like most people, as the year ends I look back on what occurred in the past year. On my writing, I feel it was a good productive year even though I only published one book in 2014. I have three books in editing right now and speaking of editing, I learned the hard way that going with the least expensive editor does not always work. I am having to re-edit Chronicles because of comments made to me. No problems with formatting but one thing is clear. After being edited, you should not just skim through the book after editing but read it like it was the first time you picked up the book to see if the story is like you wrote it. 

On blogging, it was a great year. I found hosting blog tours was one way to get the word out about my blog, that was why you saw so many blog tours toward the end of the year that I was part of. Author interviews was another hit along with their book introductions to my followers. So you guessed it, I will be hosting a lot of ours in blog tours besides being a guest on other blogs. Already I have been  agreed to several interviews. 

Reviewing, being a reviewer has introduced me to a lot of authors and their works. Not surprising I found several good books most notably was the Harvest and Isolation. My picks for the top books read in 2014. Hopefully the writers of these stories will become household names as people like me read their works for the first time. I have a long list of books still to review, I have read a couple already and will review them between guest posts. 

Have a great New year, don't celebrate too much but celebrate safely. Talk back, I'm listening!