Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Dobyns Chronicles by Shirley McClain-my review

A copy was provided to me for my honest review. I would have given this book four stars because I liked it a lot but only gave it three stars because it was not formatted for Mobi causing double spaces between lines and sentences being split with the rest of the sentence two lines down making it difficult to read but I did and enjoyed it. A well written book if formatted properly. It is a story about a young man(teenager) that loses his parents to yellow fever taking on the responsibility of raising his younger brother and sister in early nineteenth century. The story of his life including his heartaches, love and making a living from the beginning tragedy to old age. In the end of the book, the author includes pictures of the Dobyns in real life. 

I am including a sample of what made it difficult to read but well written. Here is a copy of one page. 

 feel it in my bones 

this wasn’t going to be good. 

I got our supplies and went home and told Mila about the bank

 being closed. 

“Darlin’, if that bank doesn’t give us our money when I go 

back this next week, we’re going to be in trouble. I don’t know 

what is going on, but I think it has something to do with 

Washington DC and

 the stock market.” 

“What will we do, Charley?” Mila asked me in a concerned tone of 


Unknown (2014-08-28T16:29:38.471797+00:00). Dobyns-Chronicles.pd (Kindle Locations 5064-5068). Kindle Edition.  link to the book. 

As you can see, it might have been easy reading in print book form but not Mobi. If you can over look this, I recommend this book. It tells a very interesting story of the life of Charles Dobyn. 

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