Friday, August 21, 2015

Bob Mayer and other random thoughts

I just finished reading this book by Bob Mayer and with all his work it is well written with emphasis on his seven steps of catastrophe that led to the ill fated flight of the Challenger. I would give this a five star rating if I were giving one to the book. He squarely places the blame (fault) on one step of his seven steps-human error where people having the final decision to launch over rode the concerns of the knowledgeable (technical) personnel to go ahead and launch when the temperature was so low that the rubber seals were not longer flexible but brittle. 

We have all seen where those in authority make a decision that puts other people lives at risk in order to meet a schedule or because nothing has went wrong before, why should it now? Those with the technical knowledge are not listened to or their concerns address--hence a catastrophe in the making. I like Bob Mayer's seven steps of a catastrophe, he presents in this book and several others chronicling events that led up to the loss of human life, needlessly. I recalled that tragic day in January when the shuttle exploded. I was at work and one of the office workers came to my office to tell me. I held my breath and then said a little prayer they would find some of them alive especially the teacher. My son was a great fan of hers. He looked forward to her communications back to earth as did thousands of the students back here on Earth. We never spoke about but thinking back, we should have. 

Are there times when something should have been said that never was in your life? Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great week end.     

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