Saturday, August 8, 2015

Florence Nightingale effect starts the whole thing.

I have had several readers of my Lightning in the Tunnel series become astonished that Brad (the main character) has so many wives especially readers that pick up the series late in the series. I had one reader on give it a five star review and in the review mention the only thing she didn't like about the story was Brad's having so many wives. For those that have not read the first book, I will explain. During their long confinement when Los Angeles was nuked, Michele fell in love with Brad (the Florence Nightingale effect since he saved her life). She had met Brad's wife Vicki the night before. She was a tall blonde haired good looking woman as Michele knew she was, having played bit parts in movies and commercials. During a weak moment in Brad, she was able to get him to have sex with her. Once they left their confinement, she kept coming up with different scenarios that would enable her to still be with him. As it turned out, Vicki was not in the shelter they built as expected. Michele breathed a sigh of relief knowing she might be dead allowing her to keep Brad forever to herself. The only time he ever told her that he loved her was when they left the basement they survived in. She didn't know he saw Vicki's face instead of hers when he uttered those words. But he was too chicken to withdraw them. Anyway, she thought she had it made until they left the shelter called the "Tomb" with a group of females. The only one she had to worry about in her mind was Barbara, Jenny's mother.

Little did Michele know that Jenny had a crush on Brad, so strong that Vicki had to warn her to stay away from Brad. She did, pretending to have other boyfriends so Vicki wouldn't suspect she still had Brad on her mind. The first male to make love to Jenny was Brad in her mind not the actual person. When she saw Michele, not Vicki she knew she would do whatever it took to make him see she was a woman and in love with him.

Michele soon saw the girls would do things to make Brad noticed their bodies, even kissing him or pressing their bodies against him. She saw he didn't seem to notice all their actions trying to take him away from Michele. Brad thought of Jenny as a daughter not a future lover.

Everything came to a head when Jenny came up behind Brad while he was observing some crazies. He let her kiss his neck, he thought it was Michele so he reached up touching her breasts. She was mesmerized feeling his hands on her body. Brad thought they felt small to him but when she kissed him, he had his eyes closed enjoying touching her body and the feel of his lips. As you suspected, in came Michele. She saw the two of them kissing and his hand up her blouse. She started to kill her using the crossbow that Brad provided for her but couldn't kill someone she knew. She finally decided she would share him with Jenny and lowered the crossbow. Then set the ground rules for sharing him. Not allowing Brad to put in his two cents or even refuse the sharing.

To Michele, she opened a can of worms. The horny Angel over heard the conversation between Jenny and Michele so she went about joining the sharing of Brad and succeeded in doing so. Bitch (Patty) on the other hand didn't bother to ask, She just took Brad forcing herself on him. No one stopped her, knowing she was crazy, maybe kill them all if anyone did. She wanted to prove she was just like the other girls but most didn't think so.

So now you know how the multi-wife situation came about. As a added note: With the fact that Vicki might show up at any time, they decided to join with Brad thinking they would have a claim on him if she ever came back into his life.  

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