Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting older-different pain

As the body ages, I found new places that can hurt on me. It doesn't take many activities for me to wake up the next morning with aches and pain. For the last few weeks, neck pain has been the biggest culprit but I have always had pain from my knees and my ankles pop constantly when I first walk in the morning. That is why I head to my computer right away to focus my mind on other things than those hurting. A couple of days ago, I cut up a tree in the yard, now I know for a few days I will have lower back pain. I am not one of those that like to take pills so I avoid even taking aspirin to help. The worst thing for me in the morning is having the air conditioning on right away. My body seems to ache even more. My only pain medication I do consume is a few cocktails to ease the discomfort so I can sleep. Too much and I am sleeping ten hours or more which means I don't go for my morning walk, it is just too hot out to do so that late.

I purchased the rights back to the book  in this picture (Terror Reigns) and I am rewriting it into two books. The first part is now called "Bitch's Blade" and I will explain why. The first five chapters are about the actions taken by Bitch (Patty) when her sister is killed. For those that never read any of the Lightning in the Tunnel series, Patty kills those responsible for beheading her mother and the one that actually killed her mother, she slowly killed him. All the while he kept calling her "Bitch" and from that day she told everyone her name was Bitch. Refusing to respond to any other name. I thought you might wonder why she was named Bitch because she became the deadliest female with a knife. I will talk more about this in the coming months.

Have a great day. Talk back, I'm listening. 

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